Shawled-Mount de Sales makes a fashion statement at this year’s homecoming

            “Only at Mount de Sales is ‘shawled’ used as a verb,” said junior Christine McQuay.
            At the annual homecoming dance, the faculty was armed and ready with a load of shawls. Some dresses were deemed too short and therefore not suitable for our modest school. The girls were “shawled,” meaning the faculty draped cloth around them to cover the parts of their dress not deemed appropriate. The girls took this with a sense of humor, not letting it ruin their homecoming night. They danced with the shawls and incorporated it into their outfit as if it was originally part of the dress. Many of the students brought up the fact that their school was unique in how it enforced the modest dress code. No other schools have been known to physically cover up immodest dresses as Mount de Sales does. The students found humor in the fact that this homecoming was one they would not soon forget, even long after graduation.
          “We are representing our school, but more importantly our faith so I can understand why the shawls were necessary,” said junior Maggie Leppert.

C. Lamont ‘14

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