Sailors Steal the Show

Varsity soccer pulls through on their senior night for the first win of the season. The Sailors gave it their all against Bryn Mawr who they previously lost to earlier in the season and came out with a 1-0 win. 
“With all the struggles and frustration we’ve had as a team throughout the season, words don’t even begin to describe how good this win feels,” said senior captain Rosie Ruzzi.
Although it was a special game the team still did the major tradition of their warm up. Not only can the girls play soccer but they are also dancers when they’re not on the field. Before every game the girls bring out their stereo system and dance to “The Wobble.” Dancing is what bonds the team together. The girls, as well as the crowd, get a kick out of it.
“Dancing to the wobble before every game gets me pumped to play. This has been the most fun season I’ve had playing at school and I’m going to miss every one of our seniors,” said junior Kathleen Malcotti.
K. Burns ’13

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