Patchwork of Appreciation

Juniors Conor McEwan and Rebecca Huber pieced together a quilt for Spanish teacher Mrs. Dudley to show their appreciation and support for her in her battle against breast cancer. The quilt is from her 2010-2011 F Block.  A majority of students from the F Block class came together to give the quilt to Mrs. Dudley after Fall Fest on Friday, October 26th. 
Mrs. Dudley struggled to find words and spoke of her appreciation for the F Block class, as the class munched on pink ribbon cookies made by junior Katie Warner. Conor and Rebecca noticed the many cakes and balloons given to Mrs. Dudley following her diagnosis, and wanted to present to her something unique, memorable, and long-lasting while showing the class’s appreciation.
“Mrs. Dudley is one of my all-time favorite teachers because she’s so involved with her classes. She cares about us and is interactive with us through the whole class. She is friendly and caring and personal while still maintaining a professional relationship with us. She wants more than anything for her girls to succeed and this was something we could do to cheer her on the way she would do for us,” said Conor.
The 45” X 45”quilt is backed by a pink fleece fabric and is comprised of 7” X 5” individually designed squares that form around a supporting message.  Conor learned to sew from working with her grandma and attending a formal sewing class, while Rebecca enhanced her sewing skills in the textiles class offered at MDSA.  Both girls describe one of their favorite memories as the Cinco de Mayo party at the end of the 2010-2011 year.
“Every quilt square is unique to each person making it, but it still comes together to make a thoughtful gift,” said Rebecca.
C. Berdan ’14

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