Welcome, Henrietta!

If you’ve been in art room lately, chances are you’ve seen Henrietta, the taxidermy turkey, sitting on the shelf. Taxidermy is the process of stuffing and mounting the skins of dead animals. The dead animal skins are often stuffed with either rags or cotton. Mrs. Clements’ husband picked up the turkey over the summer at an antique store right outside of Libertytown for $50. Henrietta was a steal considering taxidermy turkeys can cost up to $800.

So why would Mrs. Clements bring the Henrietta to the art room? “Because it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” said Mrs. Clements. Mrs. Clements also hopes that her students take advantage of Henrietta for future assignments.  “I’d definitely draw the turkey. It broadens our studies toward nature and still life at the same time,” said junior Portfolio student Katie Connolly.

Even though Henrietta is one of kind, she still startles some people who are around her every day.

“It still creeps me out sometimes” said fellow art teacher Ms.Oros.

L.Walsh ’14

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