SAT Scores Soar

Although SAT scores across the nation have been steadily declining, MDS scores continue to rise.
“I think our rigorous curriculum and improving test scores set MDS apart. The goal of the faculty and staff is to assist the students, improve their knowledge, and increase their exposure to the test,” said Guidance Counselor Ms. Jen Ewing.

The SAT, or the SAT Reasoning Test, is an important and influential part of every student’s high school experience. CollegeBoard states that 57% of the students from the class of 2012 who took the SAT fell below average scores and are not prepared to succeed in college. Unlike these national averages, MDS students feel well prepared for the SAT, and their scores show it! Nine students from the Class of 2013 were recognized as Commended National Merit students for the PSAT they took in 2011. Preparation for the SAT starts as early as freshman year. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are required to take the PSAT. These students began to prepare for the PSAT in their classes where they took practice tests and reviewed strategies with their teachers.

“Taking the PSAT helped me prepare me for the SAT by making me feel more comfortable with the format and timing of the SAT,” said junior Claire Welzant.

~ M. Miller ’13


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