Joining The Ship

2008 Mount de Sales graduate, Ms. Oros, returned to Mount de Sales and teaches Line and Color. Ms. Oros is enjoying her job and is excited to be back. The Sailor Source Staff had a chance to sit down with her and ask a few questions about the experience.

Q: How do you like teaching Line and Color at Mount de Sales?
A: I think it’s very challenging trying to convey my ideas to the entire class but it’s also very fun teaching the girls because they are so enthusiastic.
Q: Does teaching here bring back any memories or experiences you had when you attended this school?
A: Yes, absolutely. As I walk through the high school, I feel like I’m walking with my current self and with my high school self as well.

Q: What are your students like?

A: My students are just fun, adorable, and energetic workers.

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching this class so far?

A: Just being able to teach line and color makes it such a great experience for me.
 -L. DiGiandomenico ’14

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