C’est Délicieux!

The French Club, sponsored by Mr. Reinckens, sold crêpes and Orangina at their homecoming booth. This is the 5th year that the club has sold crêpes but the first that they have had their very own club crêpe machine purchased with the revenue from the 2011 homecoming. The club sold plain crêpes with powdered sugar for $1.00 and crêpes with toppings for $1.50. They supplied a range of toppings such as Nutella, strawberry jelly, grape jam, and whipped cream.
“We made a profit of 50 dollars! Working with our own club-owned crêpe machine made working at the stand so much easier. I can’t wait to do it again next year!” said Grace Weiss, co-president of the French Club.
For the first time French Club history, the profits from the booth went towards buying French books for patients in Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, a psychiatric hospital located in Baltimore. The French 1 books purchased taught household items and animals. Mr. Reinckens and the French Club hoped to spread their passion for the French culture and language to the patients at Sheppard Pratt and next year they desire to bring in even more business and an even larger profit!
“I’m so happy that there are now people at Sheppard Pratt who can now learn and appreciate the French language!” said Leslie Briggs, the senior secretary of the French Club.
 H. Burke ’14

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