Arts and Crafts with the Elderly

In celebration of the fall season, campus minister Ms. Collyer and a group of students spent their afternoon making arts and crafts with the residents at Litter Sisters of the Poor St. Martin’s Home in Baltimore on Tuesday October 9th.  The Little Sisters of the Poor is a Roman Catholic religious organization for women, founded in the 19th century by Saint Jeanne Jugan.  Currently, the institute serves in 31 countries, ranging from the United States to the Philippines.  Upon taking a vow of hospitality, the Little Sisters of the Poor opened St. Martin’s in 1869 and have been tending to elderly men and women of all backgrounds ever since.

“The Little Sisters of the Poor are wonderful. I’ve worked with them a lot and they’re always so joyful, making it a great experience,” said Campus Minister Mrs. Shannon Collyer.

The week’s craft was foam turkeys, which included a brown figure, an array of colorful feathers and a pair of “googlely” eyes. Along with helping make the festive craft, students chatted with residents and really got to know them.  Each senior had a different story to share, making the experience interesting and informative.

 “As a chaperone, it was nice to see the girls getting to know the residents. Everyone was very personable,” said chaperone Donna VanWie.

C. VanWie ’14


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