Let’s Make Funny Faces

During the first quarter, Sister Nicolas Marie’s Honors Pre-Calculus students learned about functions and their transformations.  After the lesson, they had a fun, yet challenging, project.  They created the funny faces pictured above on their TI-84 calculators. 

“This is by far my most favorite math project since it has a great academic content, uses technology, and is also impressive,” said Sister Nicholas Marie, O.P. who teaches both Honors Pre-Calc and AP Statistics.
To make the faces, students had to include five functions such as square roots, parabolas, sin, and absolute values.  To make graphs of functions look like a face, they had to limit these functions using absolute value and transformations.  Students were not given an instruction sheet.  Instead, they had to test many different functions to get an end result.
“It was fun to be able to use the transformation skills we learned in class for something other than just answering an average problem.  I thought it was an awesome way to help us understand the concept more,” said junior Caroline Hanlon.
C. Halligan ’13

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