Soccer Plays First Game On the Turf Field!

Cat Lamont
With many of people coming to support, the new turf field was decorated with dozens of blue and white balloons for the celebration of the first game on the new field.

“It was really exciting to be the first team to have a home game on the new turf!” said the senior captain, Kayli Burns.

The sailor soccer team was very excited to get this season started on the field with their game against River Hill, who is ranked number one in the state. The game was played on September 5, after a hard played game against one of the top teams in the State, the sailors  lost 7-0.  

“It was a great effort by the team! By the end of the game 8 of the starting players were injured.” said the varsity head coach, Mr. Dubyoski.

The field is a great addition to the school and will continue to improve the game of many different sports, and it looks great.

 “Playing on the turf is awesome, we love it!” says the senior, Emily Huber.

-E. Jordan ‘13

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