Mount de Sales Alumnae Celebrates her 100th Birthday

Cassie Jordan ’13 and Ms. Louis Kricker Dodd ‘32

Ms. Louise Kricker Dodd ’32 received special visit from the Director of Alumnae Relations, Ms. Jenna Schuberth ’05 in celebration of her 100th Birthday. 

One of her birthday presents was a papal blessing from the Pope Benedict XVI.  On the certificate it read “imparting an Apostolic Blessing to Louise Kricker Dodd.” She celebrated her birthday on the 23rd of August.

Reflecting on her time spent at Mount de Sales,  Ms. Dodd is proud that her high school alma mater is still thriving.  The Academy was previously 1st grade through 12th, Ms. Dodd began boarding in the 7th grade. 

She reminisced on her time spent with her roommate Margaret Crocket ’32, and the other nine graduates of the Class of 1932 which included visiting the Cupola, and spending time on the porches.  She remembered a time when cloistered Visitation Nuns ran Mount de Sales, and in the summers teachers were brought in to teach the nuns, in order for the nuns to keep up with curriculums and teaching strategies.  Since the girls used to board at the school, it was necessary to have sisters cook their meals, she recalled that they wore white veils and these sisters were referred to by the girls as “out sisters” because they were non-cloistered sisters, like the Dominican sister who have ran the school since the mid 1980s.  

“Looking back, I really enjoyed my time spent at Mount de Sales although at the time I complained an awful lot. Now, I think it’s great…I guess it’s natural.” said Ms. Dodd.

Currently residing at Mercy Ridge, Ms. Dodd enjoys attending daily mass at 11am, she also boasts that among her fellow residents, there are 3 retired priests.  Her habit of experiencing the Eucharist on a daily basis started almost ninety years ago, at Mount de Sales. 

C. Jordan ‘13

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