First Serve for Maria Procopio!

Tennis Team prepares for the season at CCBC

MDSA former tennis player and 2008 graduate, Maria Procopio, returns to the MDSA family to “serve” as coach for the Junior Varsity Team!  With 12 years’ experience of playing tennis and 4 of those years competing for MDSA Varsity tennis in the IAAM A-Conference, Maria looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience of the game with members of the junior varsity team.

“I love working with MDS girls who are always so polite, respectful, and fun!  I plan on having a lot of fun while practicing on the courts and working hard to strengthen everyone’s game,” said JV coach Maria Procopio, who says her favorite tennis player is Maria Sharapova.

The JV team practices every day of the week – excluding days in which the team plays in matches.  As Coach Maria plans a line-up of skills and drills, the team works on match play during practices.  While enhancing the players’ skills, Coach Maria adds a touch of fun to the practices playing games and holding contests.  Coach Maria motivated the players with prizes given to anyone who hits the set-up targets while serving.  The MDSA Junior Varsity team play in their first match this Thursday at CCBC! 

“Since our league does not recognize a junior varsity championship, the goal for the JV team is to develop players able to compete at the varsity level.  That and having fun learning the sport are the greatest measures of success,” said MDSA Athletic Director Gene Williams.
-C. Berdan, ’14

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