Campus Ministry Expands

After a summer of service which included a new missions trip, also known as the Baltimore Ongoing Outreach Mission (BOOM), the Campus Ministry program continues to expand and develop. Students now have more opportunities to strengthen their relationship with God and become more involved on campus and in the community. In addition to the BOOM trip, a freshmen retreat and Campus Ministry Club are also introduced this year.

 “I think the Campus Ministry program [is important because it] takes what people learn in the classroom and puts it into action. They are able to take their ‘head knowledge’ and form a stronger relationship [with God],” said Ms. Collyer, campus minister.            

The BOOM trip provided Mount de Sales girls with the opportunity to serve the people of Baltimore both directly and indirectly.  After attending daily Mass each morning, the small groups would volunteer with different organizations in Baltimore. Students had the chance to experience a broad range of service which included volunteering at homeless shelters, food banks, elderly homes, soup kitchens, and Habitat for Humanity.

“Serving these people was a new experience that gave me a new outlook on life’s blessings and the dignity of the human person,” said sophomore Maddie Nilan.

The freshmen were also able to begin the new school year with the first ever freshman retreat. After two days of orientation, the freshmen were able to attend a Mass with their parents, listen to inspirational speaker Ashley Brashear, and pray over each other. They had the chance to bond with fellow classmates and begin the year united.

“Everything Ms. Ashley [Brashear] said corresponds with what Mt. de Sales is all about and helped me adjust to life here,” said freshman Katie Ortel.

M. Miller ‘13


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