Ring Lost at Sea Returns to Owner

 Senior Christina Topper received a surprise package at school last week.

“We would like to return this to her as it is her senior year and I am sure she would like it,” said a note enclosed from Ocean View, Delaware resident Cindy Walter.

The package contained a Mount de Sales ring . . . .

Christina was devastated when she lost her ring this summer in Bethany Beach, DE.  She was sitting by the edge of the water when a wave crashed, slipped the ring off her finger, and washed it away.  She and her friends looked for it, without any luck.  She asked her mom if she could order another one, but her mom told her not to order one until the end of the summer. Christina had filled out the form to order a new ring and was going to mail it the day Mrs. Lanciotti came to the senior locker-room to give her her ring back.  Christina was in shock and could not believe it.  Mr. and Mrs. George Walter found the ring using a metal detector on the beach, and mailed it to Mount de Sales.

“I am still in disbelief and I can’t believe that someone actually found it!” said Christina. 

E. Boyle ‘13


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