Mount de Sales grad interns at the National Press Club

Rhinehart ’09 at the National Press Club

Mount de Sales alumni Erin Rhinehart ’09 moved into the big leagues of Journalism! Rhinehart recently started an internship at the National Press Club in their Broadcast Operations Center. Along with her fellow interns, Rhinehart produces the Press Club Rewind video. People around the world watch the video and see her name in the credits.

“Interns can use the experience to make great contacts, challenge their thinking outside of the classroom and evaluate a company,” said Jillxan Donnelly, president of The Career Exposure Network.

Erin is a Media Studies major at The Catholic University of America with a focus on production and documentary filmmaking. She works at the internship Mondays, Fridays and occasional weekdays. Rhinehart collaborates with the other interns to shoot events at the club, write and record scripts, and edit the footage into a weekly update video. Press Club Rewind reviews the week’s news at the National Press Club such as guest speakers, conferences, and other happenings. It is viewed by people all around the nation and the world. The video is available on the website, as well as the Press Club’s YouTube channel.

“I hope this opportunity will make me a stronger videographer, editor, and script writer,” said Rhinehart. “I want to learn more about broadcast and decide whether I would like to pursue a career in broadcast or documentary filmmaking.”

Mary Skora ’13


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