Freshmen Endure First Week with Ease

Last week, Mount de Sales welcomed the 117 new students with new backpacks, fresh school supplies, and crisp uniforms. Many of the students were nervous in their first week, but they relaxed after realizing that Mount de Sales really isn’t scary. Being a freshman in a new school is easier to bear when there are 116 other people in your same situation.

“There’s a lot you have to remember between books, classes, and homework. It was a hard change going from a small school to Mount de Sales, but everyone is just so warm and welcoming,” said freshman Theresa Sarver.

The class of 2016 started the three day orientation on August 22 and came in only knowing a handful of other people, but after orientation and the first week, they’ve made lifelong friends. From the smiles on the freshmen’s faces before school, it’s safe to say that they’re adjusting well and will come to love their school in the next four years.

“Everything was new and interesting in my first week. My older sister, Marina, helped me on my first day and gave me some advice. The best part about Mount de Sales is that it’s a relaxed environment, and it makes me excited to come to class every day,” said freshman Amelia Congedo.

T. Price ‘13

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