Softball Starts off Strong with 5-1 Record

Photo by Junior Cee Cee Mires


With two seniors, only one of which is a returning varsity player, the softball team surprises opponents with the amount of inherent talent that they collectively possess. Captains Karly Sites, Ronnie Rittie, and Sarah Hughes agree that “Last year was tough with seven seniors graduating. They all started and the lineup was completely changed. It took us a while to adjust to the new order of things,” said Ronnie Rittie, second year captain.
The team has gone 5 – 1 so far in their league, but are scheduled to play their toughest opponents over spring break. “We’re ready for them this year,” said sophomore Emma Mires. Almost all of the girls play on travel tournament teams over the summer including Hartford Xtreme- gold  (the highest level above A), Maryland Stars- gold, West Howard County Fever- A, Catonsville Chaos, Maryland Chill, Lakeshore Lightning and others.
Thanks to a generous donation from Louise DeFeo in remembrance of William DeFeo (avid softball fan, player and long time coach), Emma and Cee Cee’s grandmother and recently deceased grandfather, known as “Grammie” and “Grammie-Dad”  to everyone, the team has new pants and new helmets as well, which are to arrive at a later date. “You have to look good to play good,” Grammie told Coach Pete when she surprised him with the present.
Varsity Softball Team Members:

Karly Sites
Jessica Auburger
Ronnie Rittie
Sarah Hughes
Jenny Slade
Ashley Lesniewski
Ayla Montague
Cee Cee Mires
Emma Mires
Lori Sena
Jess Journey
Nicki Wilhelm
Lauren Munter
Abby Zaluki

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