Lax Team Dominates Tough Competition

“TWTW: The Will To Win: Our new motto for the season” -Coach Mike Tirrochi
The Varsity Lacrosse team is starting off the year on Cloud 9. After going undefeated in the preseason, the team had high hopes for the upcoming season. The positivity payed off on Friday, March 23, when the team beat St. Mary’s by four. Mount de Sales had not beaten St. Mary’s in 10 years.
The team was feeling great coming off a huge win and was ready to face Bryn Mawr. Bryn Mawr is ranked number 2 in the state. Though that was a painful loss, they put the game behind them and moved forward onto Roland Park.
“Their drive and determination was amazing and their ability to overcome adversity after our loss against Bryn Mawr blew me away,” said Coach Abree Johnson.
On Wednesday, the Sailors traveled to Roland Park with a clear head and were ready to win….a bribe of new shorts didn’t hurt the cause either.  The girls went out strong and scored four goals right off the bat, only to be answered by four from Roland Park. The game was back and forth until the middle of the second half when Mount de Sales prevailed with strong lead.  The game ended in a 17-13 win for the Sailors, a win that hasn’t happened against Rolan Park since 2004.
“Respect is earned, and we plan to earn our way to the top,” said senior Kelly Phelan.
E. Zalucki ’12

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