Bene to the Latin Students

“Post multas horas discipi errant ____.   A)defessorum B)defessis C)defessos D)defessi .”
Dr. Campbell is proud of her 91 Latin students who joined 149,000 other students in the USA and thirteen foreign countries, taking the National Latin Exam on March 16th.
“The test was definitely hard, but Dr. Campbell prepared us for months and I think it paid off. The practice tests we took went to good use,” said senior Gina Salacki.
The 40 question, multiple choice test included topics such as grammar, comprehension, mythology, history, derivatives, and questions based on a short passages in Latin. Students had 45 minutes to complete the test.
“This test was mountains of information to tackle,” said Dr. Campbell. Last year, junior Meredith Miller received the highest score at Mount de Sales of a 38 out of 40. She was given the Gold Summa Cum Laude, which is the highest honor given.
Answer: D. defessi

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