A Look at the Past

Jean Biser ’39 along with three of her classmate’s on their graduation day

Looking back at Mount de Sales and all of its traditions, not much has changed. 73 years ago, Jean Marie Biser graduated on June 6, 1939 with a class consisting of just thirteen girls. They all walked through the windows with long and elegant white dresses. This is a tradition that is still present today.

“I think that keeping the same graduation traditions is important because it shows that Mount de Sales stays true to its traditions over a span of many years,” said senior Emma Talbot.

Another tradition on graduation is for the girls to hold a bouquet of flowers. Today, the seniors carry a bouquet of red roses wrapped in a blue ribbon. Back then, instead of holding red roses, they would carry an assortment of flowers. Also, each girl was given one bouquet but could have been given more by family, friends, etc.

“I still remember the bouquet today. It included two pink roses, one yellow rose, blue delphiniums, blue larkspurs, and big daises. They were the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen,” said graduate Jean Wain age 91, grandmother of Molly D’Elia ’12, who resides in Ellicott City.

Following graduation, it was time for their big family dinners. All of their extended family would come over and their mother’s would cook a huge meal. After dinner, they were off to their dance. One of the girl’s grandfather was a member of the Baltimore County Country Club. He had rented out the entire building and all of the girls were given ten extra tickets. Those friends who were given a ticket were allowed to bring a date. It was a fun night for all!

Jean Biser ’39 on her porch after graduation
M. D’Elia ’12

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