Varsity Softball Crushes South River and Southern

Junior Ayla Montague fields a ball cleanly from
third base and continues her throw for one of the
quick outs the Sailors got in the first inning.


On a crisp Saturday morning, the Mount de Sales softball team arrived at South River High School ready to win their first scrimmage of the season.

 “We were all a little cold, but we knew all our hard work and practice was going to pay off,” said senior right fielder Karly Sites.

The game kicked off at 9 AM, and the Sailors started off with a bang. The game went back and forth at some points, but the Sailors always had the upper hand, winning 10-5. Junior Ayla Montague helped fuel a powerful inning when she hit a homerun over the right field fence. As the second game got underway, the sailor defense was the first to take the field. After Southern’s powerful top of the lineup, the Sailors fell 5-0. They did not let that stop them, they got three outs and started hitting. The Sailors matched Southern’s five runs and batted completely around the lineup. When the defense took the field again, they went in, got three quick outs back to back and got back to hitting. The Sailors let Southern score only one more run in their win 9-6.

“It was a great boost to our morale to win this first game,” said junior Jenny Slade. “I know we all believe that we can make it all the way to the championships this year. This is our year to win it all.”

Senior Karly Sites quickly relays the ball back to
the infield after a flyout to right field.


J. Auburger ’12

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