Sailors Get Strategic

The new Strategic Plan of improving our community is underway. The process will include Board Members, administration, faculty, staff and parents who will oversee different aspects of new development for the future of Mount de Sales Academy.
In a letter sent to the Mount de Sales community, Sister Anne Catherine O.P. gave a brief description of what this plan will include. She stated right away that it will assist the board and administration in turning the school into an “Academy of Every Virtue”.
“It is basically like a plan for the future of Mount de Sales,” said Kim Nava, school secretary.
This is a huge plan for the future of Mount de Sales and it is important that each member of the student body along with her family is up to date on the progress. Each member on the Board of Trustees is responsible for a specific area of improvement including: technology, student enrollment, curriculum, facilities or campus wellness, and most important our Catholic identity.
Check the school website for updates. “This is an exciting year for the MDS community, the student body should take part in turning Mount de Sales into a more faith-filled, academically strong, and modern Catholic school community,” said senior Meg Thomas.
Taylor Beaumont ’12

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