At only two years old, Pinterest, an online corkboard where you “pin” your interests, is taking the internet by storm.  From food recipes, to hair styles, to fashions, to do-it-yourself crafts, Pinterest offers something for everyone. 
“I love it! It gives you a bunch of ideas and things to look at.  In my new house, I’m going to have a huge corkboard on my bedroom wall—I got that idea from Pinterest.  It’ll take a lot of thumbtacks though!” said junior Monica Sturgill.
Pinterest is an invitation only website, which can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to receive an account.  Once online, users can personalize their own “boards,” onto which they can “pin” crafts, clothes, or vacation spots that they like.  Pinterest gets an average of 1.36 million visitors a day, and achieved almost 12,000,000 visitors in January 2012. 
“I have six boards—‘Home is where the heart is,’ where I put things that I want to decorate my future house with, ‘Wedding,’ which is a bunch of cakes and dresses, and ‘Summer lovin’,’ which is beach-y stuff, just to name a few,” said junior Kayli Burns.  “It’s awesome to see different people’s ideas and personalities come through with what they ‘pin.’”

C. O’Keefe ‘12

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