Pictures From the Past

Photographs can portray strong emotions, which make them a moving art form.  Taylor James founded the website as a way of connecting the past and present through photography.  The concept of the website is simple: hold up a picture from the past where it was originally taken and take another photograph.  This picture of a picture provokes nostalgia and depending on the situation, love, sorrow, regret, or any number of emotions. 
Dear Photograph became popular as soon as it was created.  Within six weeks, millions of people visited the site and hundreds submitted photos.  Time Magazine rated it one of the best websites of 2011.
The reason for its popularity is the raw emotion found in photographs.  “Photography is both an art form and a way of documenting reality,” said art teacher Mrs. James.
Several celebrities have praised this website including Lucy Hale of popular TV show Pretty Little Liars, Lauren Conrad, Oprah, and the CEO of Twitter. 
Photojournalism students wanted to bring the concept to the school because Mount de Sales is a historic school dating back to 1852 and there are plenty of memories that coincide with the innovative idea of the website. 
“This project celebrates our history, connects us with students who went here 50 years ago, and helps students appreciate the historic building and rich heritage Mount de Sales has,” said photojournalism teacher Mrs. Schorr.

C. Halligan ’13


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