Sailor Senior Night


To make senior night a success, the basketball girls brought dessert and gifts for the two seniors. At 3:00 pm the girls started to decorate the gym, after they went on a Royal Farms Slurpee run with the seniors after school. The girls put their heads together to come up with symbols to represent Kara and Julie to put all around the gym. Because Kara’s last name is Hand, the girls cut out paper hands and put Kara’s name and number on it. Gillis’ symbol was a fish with gills because she is called “Gilly.” At the back of the gym, two jerseys made out of blue poster board were hung up to show the crowd the teams appreciation for the leaders of their team.
Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors appreciate the seniors. From driving the girls before practice to Royal Farms for Slurpees, and being an example of hard work and dedication, the senior sailors are always there for their team mates.  Every year they decorate the gym to show their respect and gratefulness for the senior players.
“Since there are only two seniors this year, we can really make a big deal about their importance to our team,” said sophomore Eve Lukowski.
Kara Hand, starting point guard, has played on varsity since sophomore year. She has been playing basketball since her 1st grade year at St. Louis School in Clarksville.
“Our team really had to work hard because 8 seniors left last year and had many injuries throughout the season, but we have stayed right up in there with the rest of the teams in our league and I am so proud of my girls!” said Kara.
Julie Gillis, also known as “Gilly,” is a guard for the varsity basketball team this year. Although Gilly struggles with her knee pain, she encourages her team.
“I really enjoy playing on this team with all these awesome girls, and I loved seeing everyone progress in their game as well,” said Gillis.

L. Sprankle’13


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