Students Slaughter Teachers in “It’s Academic” Competition

In a battle of the smartest, the teachers along with the students competed for the title of the “Its Academic” Champions. Winning with a score of 35 to 21, the students dominated the gym on January 30 during the all school assembly.
“People think the students had the advantage, but they really didn’t. They wrote most of the questions, but I chose them randomly and threw other ones in,” said Mrs. Glose, guidance counselor and club sponsor.
Normally during Catholic Schools Week, the students partake in an activity against the teachers expressing who has the most athletic ability. Mrs. Glose felt it was necessary to show the competitive academic side for once. With a team made up of four girls from the club and help from the National Honor Society, the students went up against the teachers and came out on top. After a rough start, the students began to rack in points hastily.                    
The girls had much practice competing after their début on the “Its Academic” television show. Although the girls did not win against Owings Mills and Franklin, they earned themselves an astounding 290 points.

The club is always looking to grow in size and welcome all who are interested. 

“We are not looking for supernova brains, we just want people interested in trivia,” said Mrs. Glose.
L.Nalley ‘12

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