Singing in the Ring

At 2 a.m., the streets of Baltimore are deserted and dangerous.  But that doesn’t stop Franchon Crews from taking a jog all alone.
A product of UMAR boxing, an establishment dear to the hearts of teacher Mrs. Schorr and her husband, Franchon had the opportunity to train on the USA Olympic Team.  She visited Mount de Sales Academy on Student Appreciation Day and graced the student body with her presence and attitude. “Franchon is very inspiring and she challenges me to be a better person,” said senior Mikia Omar.
Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Franchon went through high school adolescence as a bit of a trouble maker.  She was headed down the wrong path—getting kicked out of high school and fighting on the streets.  However, she turned her life around, and at age 16, she graduated high school early.  Then, making a decision that changed her life, Franchon channeled her energy into boxing.
Through many trials and tribulations, Franchon worked her way up the boxing ladder, training at UMAR Boxing.  She then began winning title after title, and worked towards a National Championship. 
Not only is Franchon a fantastic boxer, she has a beautiful singing voice.  In fact, she auditioned for American Idol.  Even though Simon, Paula, and Randy didn’t give her a yellow ticket to Hollywood, she promised the judges that she would be the National Champion for Women’s Boxing.  And that’s just what she did.
Franchon Crews has won the National Championship eight times, and looks forward to her future endeavours.  The student body erupted with cheers throughout her speech, and rooted for her in the Olympic Trials.  When she was talking about all of the things she achieved and how she still wants more, it makes you think about the things you’re going through.  If she can do all of that, then I can do anything on a day to day basis,” said senior Lesley Nalley.
Franchon then sang a Whitney Houston song, and posed for many pictures with the students.  Mrs. Schorr stood looking on, barely containing her excitement.
“I love her because she has the most positive energy, and she even helps her competitors.  Before she steps into the ring, she tells her opponent that it isn’t personal, but in the ring, she has to do her thing.  She loves working out at UMAR because she enjoys being a positive role model for the younger kids, teaching them not only boxing skills, but life skills,” said Mrs. Schorr.
Even though she placed 4th in the Olympic Trials, missing her chance to go on to the Olympics, the Mount de Sales community is behind her 100% and knows that she will continue to inspire others and channel her inner diva in the ring.
-C. O’Keefe ’12

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