Black History Month Bulletin Board Makes an Impact

During Black History Month, MDS faculty and students recognize and appreciate Black Americans who have contributed to American history.

“Black History Month means to me standing on the grave of a man who created Civil Rights, a man who was so committed to the equality of all men he went to jail, he tolerated abuse, he enrolled his family in his purpose and he eventually gave his life and being able to stand up for what he/she believed in,” said senior Mikia Omar, committee chair of Black History month. The cutting, pasting, and the choosing of the pictures to display was the hard part.

“We had a variety of great African Americans to choose from. We divided them into different categories such as; athletes, writers, poets, and dancers.”

Mrs. Arlene King, former parent of Rolena King who graduated from MDS in 1990 was the one who began the tradition of displaying African Americans in the senior hallway. Also with the help of her husband, Mr. Earl King they decorated and posted pictures and quotes about African Americans from civil rights leaders to authors and musicians. Mrs. King and her husband have kept this tradition alive for 22 years, which she had started in 1989.

However, unfortunately this year Mrs. King was unable to decorate the hallway so Mrs.Lanciotti decided to ask Mikia Omar and some other students to continue the tradition.

“I was honored and felt that it was my duty to proceed and accept this opportunity. With the help of, Mrs. Natalie`s History Club and Mrs. Schorrs` photojournalism class the hallway was a success. Mrs. Natalie was in awe when the hall was complete. She said “The hallway transformation was a success”.

Continuing on a project that means so much to me, the school, and Mrs. King was such an honor. I can honestly say that this is an unforgettable memory that I will make sure I never forget.


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