A Wacky Creation to Show Appreciation

Wearing a tutu with a 1920s blazer while holding a tongue depressor in your mouth, balancing 2 dice, in a dress from the Mount de Sales production of ‘Bye Bye Birdie,” with a Mount St. Joe’s football helmet, dragging your feet across the floor in a pair of shoeboxes, were just a few of the hurdles that both students and faculty had to endure during the Student Appreciation Day assembly.
Crazy, wacky, and silly were a few words one could use to describe the events of Student Appreciation Day. During Catholic Schools Week, a time to celebrate the importance and significance of education grounded in the faith, schools all around the country take the time to appreciate students, teachers, and even parents. 
“I really enjoyed the Student Appreciation day activities this year because everyone was given a chance to participate; it wasn’t just about volleyball skills,” said senior Bridgette Lappe.

The 5 teams, consisting of seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and faculty had to race down the gym wearing various items of clothing, while hula hooping, bouncing a balloon with one hand, and sliding down the floor with shoeboxes on their feet. In the second race, the students and teachers had to pull each other across the gym floor in sleeping bags. A game of ‘freeze dance’ followed the other contests.
The relay races and games were created by senior, Kelly Phelan, with the help of Mrs. Schorr. Phelan developed the creative ideas for the activities from her involvement in her youth group.
“We play big group games all the time [in my youth group], so my inspiration came from there. I loved seeing how the students and even the faculty got so into the competition. I learned the potential of getting spirit points has quite an impact.”

H. Cynkar ’12


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