Live It. Love it. Don’t Forget it.

The swim team made a splash when they won their last dual meet of the season on January 13, 2012. The sailors defeated St. Paul’s school for Girls, 107-62, making their record 3-2 for the season.
“This was my first year on the team and I really loved it. It was so much fun and we did really well this season. I am so proud of the team and what we have accomplished. I can’t wait for next year,” said freshman Kelly Long.
Two days before the meet against St. Paul’s, the team was in Philadelphia, competing in the National Catholics swim meet. While in Philadelphia, the team swam against 26 teams from the Maryland-Pennsylvania area.  Most of the team was still exhausted from competing at National Catholics, but they pulled together and won the meet.
The meet against St. Paul’s was the senior’s last dual meet with the team.

“I love that our team is like a family. We get along so well and have a lot of fun together. I am going to miss everything about being part of Sailor Swimming,” said senior Chantel Hunter.

The juniors made posters for the seniors, and also bought them flowers. The posters hung on the walls in the pool area, and before the meet started, the senior class was introduced and  received their flowers.
“All the seniors are just so sweet that it was really easy to get the juniors to make posters for them. We all love them and are going to miss them so much next year,” said junior Cassie Jordan.
The meet against St. Paul’s was the most crowded meet of the season. Many parents were in attendance, along with grandparents, students, and a few teachers. Ms. Trefz (history), Mr. Gannon (math), and Mr. Kurek (history) were all at the meet.
The team was proud of their win and also excited for IAAM championships on Sunday February 5, 2011.
K. Nevin ’13

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