Science On Wheels

The MdBioLab, a mobile bioscience laboratory, came to Mount de Sales from January 17th through 20th and allowed students to perform hands-on experiments relating to what they had been learning in their science classes. The trailer parked in the back lot of the school. Forensics, Chesapeake Bay, Biology and AP Biology classes had the opportunity to visit.
“We tested lactose and glucose levels in 3 different types of milk. It was interesting to see how they tested it and to apply what we had been learning about lactose and glucose,” said junior Elizabeth Bell.
Each science class performed a different experiment. The Forensics students were given 3 different substances and performed tests to discover which contained hemoglobin, representative of how one would test a substance to discover if it was blood.
“It was actually really cool. You always see those kinds of tests on television… I felt like I was on a crime show like CSI or something,” said senior Clare Stavely.
Mrs. Sargo, who teaches Chesapeake Bay, attended a BioLab teacher workshop and got to experience it herself. Knowing that her students would enjoy it, she signed up.
“We were very excited to have the BioLab visit because they only come every five years. It was a great opportunity to share science with our students,” said Mrs. Sargo.
J. Ladd ‘12

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