February has officially started the prom dress search for the girls. Cierra O’Keefe ‘12 created the famous “Mount de Sales PROM DRESSES” group on Facebook to prevent copied dresses. Coming from an all-girl school, of course two girls could NEVER have the same dress at prom.
To find the perfect dress, girls have been doing anything and everything for the search. Julie Ratcliffe ’12 knows what it takes to find the right dress, “I went to six different zip codes to find a dress”, said Julie. She travelled specifically to Delaware to dodge the sales tax in Maryland.
“I drove an hour and a half to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, luckily I found a dress”, said Ally Schuesssler ’12. She and Chelsea Owensby ’13 spent the weekend, frantically looking, at a store that sells 3,000 dresses!
With the newly-created prom group, each day girls will be uploading pictures of their prized dresses that have taken weeks, maybe months to find…only to hope that no one else has the same.
L. Smith ‘12


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