NAHS Pumpkin Painting

Children of all ages gravitate towards the National Art Honors Society’s homecoming table to paint pumpkins!  On October 8, 2011 Mount de Sales celebrated its 159th homecoming with sports, club tables, food, and fun.  NAHS’s table in particular targeted the young ones who normally attend the homecoming festivities with their families. 
For several years now, NAHS has organized a table that provides paint, paintbrushes, and pumpkins to children who can then put their own designs on the pumpkins.  Senior Veronica Zoeckler, president of NAHS, explains, “We like to have an activity for the kids at Homecoming to be able to have fun with… they have control of it and make it their own creation.” 
The cost was four dollars per pumpkin.  They also sold key chains of the Mount de Sales pendant for only one dollar.  

Sarah Huber ‘12

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