Best Wishes to the Bride

Assistant Athletic director Clare Odell, now Clare Audy, married her boyfriend of six years on November 5, 2011.  She and husband Ryan Audy, son of school nurse Mary Beth Audy, celebrated with guests at St. Mark’s Chapel in Catonsville.
Clare was introduced to Ryan by her roommate and MDS alum Mattie Powell ’04.  Ryan’s younger sister Katie Audy graduated in 2010. Both Powell and Audy were bridesmaids in the wedding.
“It was a great time, and so sweet to see someone who’s part of the MDS family look so beautiful on such a special day.  We’re so happy for her!” said Rosie Ruzzi ’13, a close family friend and neighbor of the Audy’s.
The wedding was full of fun times and high-jinks.  During the ceremony, Ryan’s best man and brother, Jamie Audy, first pulled out Cheerios for the ring getting a chuckle from Clare and guests.  At the reception, Jamie donned a Ray Lewis jersey sewn to the back of his vest and maid-of-honor, Clare’s sister, waved a Steelers Terrible Towel.
“I was really calm all day long.  After being together for six years, things just make sense,” said Clare.
Clare and Ryan had their first dance as husband and wife to Blake Shelton’s “God Gave Me You”.  Clare surprised Ryan with that song.  He thought they would be dancing to something else.
After the reception at Tabrizzi’s in downtown Baltimore, Clare and Ryan honeymooned in the Dominican Republic for one week.
Emily Sipes ’12

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