A Hike to The Top

The newly formed Outdoor Adventure Club hiked across a swinging bridge, 50 feet above the Patapsco River in the Avalon area. The 15 club members share a love for the great outdoors and hiking. 
“It was really nice to spend time with people outside of school who you see everyday. You get to hear stories about people you would have never known about. I enjoyed just being able to relax and not thinking about anything stressful for a while,” says senior Gina Salacki.
The Cascade Ridge trail took an hour to complete. The whole time the club laughed and bonded over their common love of nature. Sister Anne Catherine, O.P, Sister Amelia, O.P, Mrs. James, Mrs. Clements and students representing every grade.

“I love this club so much! It is nice to be able to go on hikes right after school instead of going home to do school work. I hope that next year I can become an officer and be even more involved,” says junior Ashley Witzke.


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